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Groundbreaking Legislation Announcement

1 Feb 2024 4:39 PM | Denise Downing (Administrator)

The Irrigation Association of New Jersey Board of Directors President Gregg Rogers is proud to announce that Governor Phil Murphy has signed into law a groundbreaking piece of legislation that originated in our industry over 18 years ago.

The new law, once enacted, will require the installation of operational automatic rain sensor or smart sprinkler equipment as condition of sale of real estate properties, and on certain commercial, retail, and industrial properties and common interest communities within specified timeframes. Only irrigation contractors licensed in the state of NJ will be authorized to oversee this installation and maintenance. Click here to view the legislation in full.

After starts and stops, evolving details, and numerous rewrites, Rogers, along with Board Treasurer Bill Smith, and with the support of the remaining Board, began a proactive campaign in 2022, working closely with our legislative representative Rick Wright at MBI-Gluckshaw to identify the best course of action to finally get this done. Over the past two years they met with Assemblymen, Senators, legislative staff members and leaders of affiliated industries as well as representatives from opposing industries to compromise and satisfy all sides.

“We knew that regardless of any perceived opposition, this legislation was a positive change for the state of New Jersey,” said Rogers. “From an environmental perspective we are preserving our most precious resource- our water. The passing of this legislation is a win for IANJ and the irrigation industry. We are pleased that the NJ legislature finally agreed that this was a necessary and positive change.”

IANJ would like to acknowledge John McKeon & Clinton Calabrese in the Assembly and Senator Robert Smith and Linda Greenstein in the Senate for their sponsorship and support. We'd also like to congratulate John McKeon on moving up to the Senate following his win this past November after a successful time in the Assembly.

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